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Rattan (Rotan, Indonesia) is important material, so the price is relatively expensive compared to natural rattan. The specialty of this synthetic rattan material is waterproof, moisture-proof, durable in the open air, supple, flexible, color, and texture similar to the original cane. Visually, it same as the synthesis rattan natural wicker, you can be fooled. If you want to buy rattan chairs, must be observed very well the characteristics of the ingredients it uses. Synthetic rattan material is also very pretty when applied in the garden or in the open air (outdoor). Take Care for rattan furniture made it easy but it takes patience to take care of it. Here are some tips on caring for wicker furniture made of them:

  1. Clean your wicker furniture with a damp cloth at least 2 weeks. It aims to clean the dirt and dust on the surface of the wicker furniture.
  2. Re-paint your wicker furniture to make it look shiny and new. This activity can be done 4 or 5 years. The paint is usually used spray paint or dye. Commonly used dyes made ​​from chemicals.
  3. Paint the wicker with a common color used is the color Gambier (redness), honey (yellow) or natural color.
  4. After wicker furniture painted, laid it with melanin to protect the paint that is not easy to fade or peel.
  5. Sometimes the rattan furniture is easily attacked by termites. When termites have invaded the cane will be exhausted subverted. To overcome this could be the traditional way of making a solution of a mixture of camphor and kerosene. Then spray the parts eaten up by termites.


Contemporary or Modern Sofa


Contemporary sofa is characterized by simplicity in style and ornamentation. Usually, they are not entirely made ​​of wood, metal is also used in the production of most of them. Standard contemporary style sofa is simple and the cheapest one can find.

Standard contemporary sofa is a stable unit and the company made ​​from the base, seat and back. Some styles feature are removable cushion and no armrests. Possessed strong characteristics of modern or contemporary sofa. This model was designed with emphasis on function and comfort compared to its design. Therefore, suburbs tend of sofa sofas soft so it is ideal for use in the family room or living room with a relaxed feel.

Unlike many traditional sofa using a framework of wood, the wood sofa this model uses very little or even nothing at all. In addition, the handle is made parallel to the seat sofa. One example of modern model couch is Tuxedo sofa.

Sofa style is characterized by the fact that one or two parts of the back leaning individual. A foot rest is also included to provide a higher level of comfort. A line bearing seats available for each section and for the rest of extensible legs. Typically, this type of sofa reclines when you lie down, but there are models that can lay down and secured in this position.

source of picture: plinthandchintz.com

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What Is Call Plywood?

In Indonesian, it is call plywood, in daily language the layman carpenter call triplex, even though more than 3 layers. In other educational institutions referred to it as a multiplex which means a few layers.

Plywood is made of a thin sheet, or coating the fiber direction which arrange the bottom and top sheet by a special glue under great pressure to obtain a certain thickness. The sheets are usually obtained from stripping process logs are rotary. This process is obtained from the width and length of the sheet in a small thickness (0.3mm – 3 mm).

If plywood used to make construction, it is highly resistant to the risk of broken / cracked, warped or twisted which depends also on the thickness. Starting from the standard thickness of 3mm, 4mm, 6,9,12,15,18 mm and so on. At first plywood produced because the need for very large wide. Nevertheless plywood also has limitations in length and width.

Plywood (plywood) has the following classification:

1. Custom grades, were selected based on the beauty of color and sinews. Examples are 3mm plywood-faced Decorative: Teak plywood, plywood Ramin, Sungkai plywood, plywood Rose, Red Oak plywood, melamine plywood etc..

2. Good grades, quality is less than custom, pretty decent for a natural finishing melamine

3. Sound & Utilities grades, have a low quality of the structure is usually used for work, or they can be overlaid by finishing duce

4. Backing grades, the low quality of the function for jobs because that are not visible structure.


Some of the benefits of the use of plywood when compared to other wood use are:

1. Flower shrinkage in the longitudinal direction and widened considerably smaller, so it is a material that has better dimensional stability

2. Has a large wide resistance against cleavage and cracking.

3. Allows use of sheets of a larger board.

4. Allows use of sheets of curved boards.

5. Possible to plywood used more efficiently

6. Light plywood facilitates to make decision on specific items.

7. Let's get the effect of a wider decorative value

8. Able to hold nails and screws better.


Defect is an abnormality found on the plywood that can affect the quality of the plywood. Types of defects on plywood divided into several, there are:

• Defects that occur naturally or caused by natural factors.

• Technical defects are defects that occur caused by technical factors or processing.

• Defects that caused by sandpaper when sanding.

• Defects felts are defects that occur at the time of compression.

• Defects blades are defects that occur at the time of stripping.

• Gap is an open defect (grooves) that occurs due to lack of connection venir meeting. Rupture is the separation of wood fibers


Whatever the base material used for furniture of our choice, the outer surface must be in finishing so that it looks beautiful. There are various types of styles of finishing materials, among others: Finishing Melamix, Duco Paint and Laminate. The inside of the cabinet usually coated materials melaminto. But the cabinet using glass doors, not lined inside melaminto, but coated with the same material by coating the outside of the cabinet. So from the outside of the glass, the inside of the cabinet still looks beautiful.

Finishing Melamix is the method of spraying liquid melamix as final finishing on furniture surfaces can be either matte or glossy. Colors may vary, usually consisting of natural wood colors, as in interior finishing melamix system design used for furniture who want to show the impression of natural wood fiber.

Cat Duko is the method of spraying paint on the surface of the furniture duko. Colors may vary with options as diverse as the pastel colors and natural. Wood grain on the furniture will not be visible if using duko, because it will be covered with a solid color paint itself. Duko typically used in interior design to show the impression of dynamic, elegant and modern in the room.

Laminate is a method of finishing the interior or furniture with glue coating material on the surface of furniture. Coatings are commonly used include HPL, tacon, decosit, supercon and PVC. Among the four coatings, HPL most expensive, followed tacon, decosit, and last supercon PVC.

Basic Materials Furniture

First of all we need to know a little about the basic material used in the manufacture of furniture / furniture that will we choose for our home interior design. Because like the phrase “there is quality there is a price” that is true. Do not get disappointed later, we already pay expensive furniture turns out that we have received using cheap raw materials.

Here there are several types of materials for the manufacture of furniture from the most expensive to the cheapest.

1. Solid wood. Solid wood is the strongest base material than wood, but due to the volume of planting and felling of trees that are not balanced coupled with illegal logging that does not care about reforestation, displaced solid wood supply is limited and the price is more expensive than wood.

2. Plywood. Plywood is a common raw material used for making furniture. The price is relatively cheaper than solid wood. Plywood is a wood that is relatively stronger than other wood species such as hdf, mdf, blockboard or particle board. Plywood base material is bark in layers and pressed. Plywood usually leather Teak, Sungkai, Nyatoh or other bark. With better quality than other wood, causing the plywood furniture has a more expensive price than other wood.

3. Blockboard. Blockboard has a price slightly cheaper than plywood as well as its quality. Basically material similar to plywood.

4. MDF. MDF can be used for those of you who have a budget terbatas.harganya slightly cheaper than plywood and blockboard. MDF is fine sawdust like material that is processed paper that is thick and solid. MDF is usually used in the fabrication of furniture that is sold in the form of “be” is usually the outer coating bertexture paper. Mdf or hdf widely used as a raw material imported furniture.

4. HDF & MDF
HDF (High Density Fibreboard) and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is made from waste wood plantation.
HDF is denser and stronger than MDF.

5. Particle Board. Particle Board we do not recommend if you want a lasting interior and prone to flooding where you live. Particle board is the lowest type of wood that class. Particle board is very vulnerable water, because it made from pressed sawdust so rough that has pores even bigger than mdf or hdf, making it easy to penetrate the water and does not withstand heavy loads. For the use of furniture in interior design is based on a custom made (special design) particle board rarely used.

What is Furniture?

Furniture is the term used for household application that serves as a place to store goods, seating, beds, doing something in the form of a table or a place to put stuff on the surface. For example furniture as a storage place usually equipped with doors, drawers and shelves, examples wardrobe, bookcase etc.. Furniture can be made ​​of wood, bamboo, metal, plastic and so forth. Furniture as artistic products are usually made ​​of wood with a choice of beautiful colors and textures that worked fine with the final settlement.

So far the furniture industry of Indonesia still has great prestige in world trade. In the event of a solo exhibition titled "Indonesia Pavilion” which took place during March 18 to 22, 2007 in Shenzhen – China, furnitures from Indonesia are much in demand by international buyers. There are around 50 to 70 buyers who asked Indonesia to become entrepreneurs and Indonesian handicraft furniture supplier with a transaction value of approximately U.S. $ 100 million.

The government has also sought to develop the furniture industry. Moreover, this sector has been set by the government as one of the 10 commodities the country exports. This is supported both by the quality and design aspects of the products in demand by foreign consumers, availability of raw materials and skilled human resources.

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Symptoms of menopause-how long menopause symptoms last?

Menopause experienced differently by a someone who passes it. Two women experience it exactly the same way. However, some women have a harder time dealing with symptoms, which can include regular periods, hot flashes, night sweats, pounding heart, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, tension in the muscles and joints is memory, dizziness, mental confusion, among others. Many of these symptoms begin during perimenopause, which can occur in the early 1930s, but often do not take place until after the woman turns forty. Because the symptoms may be unpleasant, most women want to know how long the last menopausal symptoms.

Step Perimenopause

Apply step perimenopause, menopause can begin. This last phase has known for a decade or more before menopause actually completed. In fact, ten years is not an unusual time period for this phase of life. The symptoms of this phase, however, often becomes noticeable until the woman comes to her in the middle of the late forties. At this point, it is likely that she is comfortable with at least some troublesome symptoms.

End of menopausal stage

A woman said to the end of transition period when it spent a full year without menstrual period or see her. Therefore, it can be said to last from the perimenopausal simptomi until menstruation stopped a full year. The average age for a woman to complete the transition period is the age of 51. Symptoms can end at around this time, but for some women also continue for some time after menopause formally obtained. Length menopausal symptoms of woman that often depend on is the step how long her perimenopause. Average phase will last for four years, but as mentioned above, this period can be 10 years or more.

To meet women who want to know how long the last menopausal symptoms, in General, it can be said of these phenomena is the last four years. However, the symptoms of a woman cannot bakostika her during this time.


What determines how long the last menopausal symptoms? Many factors can determine this. A woman's genetic tendencies of makeup, eating, exercise, stress levels, and the health of the global lifestyle can affect how long the symptoms last. Most likely a woman has more stress in her life and has poor nutrition has a longer period of perimenopausal, since menopause is likely to start earlier than in women, as a result, the signs of menopause appear earlier. This is also true that a woman who did not live a healthier, or who do not exercise more may have trouble with menopausal symptoms. In General, women who take care of themselves more likely to have transitions easier and to be less bothered by the symptoms of menopause. Although it may be difficult to determine how long the last menopausal symptoms, women do not want to experience some unpleasant symptoms you should make sure that they take care of their health as best they can now.

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