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Symptoms of menopause-how long menopause symptoms last?

Menopause experienced differently by a someone who passes it. Two women experience it exactly the same way. However, some women have a harder time dealing with symptoms, which can include regular periods, hot flashes, night sweats, pounding heart, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, tension in the muscles and joints is memory, dizziness, mental confusion, among others. Many of these symptoms begin during perimenopause, which can occur in the early 1930s, but often do not take place until after the woman turns forty. Because the symptoms may be unpleasant, most women want to know how long the last menopausal symptoms.

Step Perimenopause

Apply step perimenopause, menopause can begin. This last phase has known for a decade or more before menopause actually completed. In fact, ten years is not an unusual time period for this phase of life. The symptoms of this phase, however, often becomes noticeable until the woman comes to her in the middle of the late forties. At this point, it is likely that she is comfortable with at least some troublesome symptoms.

End of menopausal stage

A woman said to the end of transition period when it spent a full year without menstrual period or see her. Therefore, it can be said to last from the perimenopausal simptomi until menstruation stopped a full year. The average age for a woman to complete the transition period is the age of 51. Symptoms can end at around this time, but for some women also continue for some time after menopause formally obtained. Length menopausal symptoms of woman that often depend on is the step how long her perimenopause. Average phase will last for four years, but as mentioned above, this period can be 10 years or more.

To meet women who want to know how long the last menopausal symptoms, in General, it can be said of these phenomena is the last four years. However, the symptoms of a woman cannot bakostika her during this time.


What determines how long the last menopausal symptoms? Many factors can determine this. A woman's genetic tendencies of makeup, eating, exercise, stress levels, and the health of the global lifestyle can affect how long the symptoms last. Most likely a woman has more stress in her life and has poor nutrition has a longer period of perimenopausal, since menopause is likely to start earlier than in women, as a result, the signs of menopause appear earlier. This is also true that a woman who did not live a healthier, or who do not exercise more may have trouble with menopausal symptoms. In General, women who take care of themselves more likely to have transitions easier and to be less bothered by the symptoms of menopause. Although it may be difficult to determine how long the last menopausal symptoms, women do not want to experience some unpleasant symptoms you should make sure that they take care of their health as best they can now.

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