Kamis, 18 April 2013

What is Furniture?

Furniture is the term used for household application that serves as a place to store goods, seating, beds, doing something in the form of a table or a place to put stuff on the surface. For example furniture as a storage place usually equipped with doors, drawers and shelves, examples wardrobe, bookcase etc.. Furniture can be made ​​of wood, bamboo, metal, plastic and so forth. Furniture as artistic products are usually made ​​of wood with a choice of beautiful colors and textures that worked fine with the final settlement.

So far the furniture industry of Indonesia still has great prestige in world trade. In the event of a solo exhibition titled "Indonesia Pavilion” which took place during March 18 to 22, 2007 in Shenzhen – China, furnitures from Indonesia are much in demand by international buyers. There are around 50 to 70 buyers who asked Indonesia to become entrepreneurs and Indonesian handicraft furniture supplier with a transaction value of approximately U.S. $ 100 million.

The government has also sought to develop the furniture industry. Moreover, this sector has been set by the government as one of the 10 commodities the country exports. This is supported both by the quality and design aspects of the products in demand by foreign consumers, availability of raw materials and skilled human resources.

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